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Interview 17th April .. Hellenic TV        Click here to see video (70% English 30% Greek)
Saturday 14th May: Meet a panel of three authors at “The News From Nowhere” Open Lectures Club, The Epicentre,  E11 4LJ  7.30pm
Open event,  all welcome.

Why Be a Writer? What inspires us, shapes us, help us?


Tuesday 12th AprilMeet the Author at Clapham Books 7.30pm
26 The Pavement, Clapham Common, SW4 0JA.
Open event,  all welcome.

Reading “Geo Says No”


Friday 4th MarchMeet the Author at Charter School Dulwich SE24
For pupils 11+.

Reading “Geo Says No”  and Creative Writing.


Tues 1st March – interview with Mike Janes  at London Greek Radio – 103.3 FM  Broadcast: Tuesday 1st March 2016 –  7.30 pm.  

Geo Says No – What’s the Greek connection?


Thursday 25 FebGreek Folk Storytelling at Charter School, Dulwich SE24
For pupils 11+

Why do folk roots matter?


Tuesday 9 Feb: Meet the Author at William Ellis Secondary School NW5
For pupils 10-15.     !!POSTPONED – New date to be announced.

How can reading for pleasure at 10-15 help you pass your GCSEs effortlessly, and why?


Sunday 7 Feb 12.30 pm: Meet the Author at Herne Hill Books, 289 Railton Road, London SE24 0LY.
 Surgery for parents and children age 10-15

Creativity and Fiction in Family life.


Sunday 24 Jan 2.30 pm : Meet the Author at Brixton Tate Library, Brixton Oval, SW2 1JQ.
For parents and children
Should children 10-15 read imaginative fiction? What if they don’t?

 GEO SAYS NO – Not a Dream    A Novel by     I.  Rosenfeld

Described as a ‘page-turner’ by a panel of child and teenage reviewers, GEO SAYS NO – Not a Dream will appeal to anyone aged 12 to 112 (roughly) with an interest in magical worlds, special powers and unexplored lands. …further details here

More About the Novel          About I Rosenfeld

Readers’ Comments

  • A fast paced, thrilling fantasy novel – I really hope it becomes very successful and you write many more.’Tom age 13.
  • ‘I read it over three nights, really got into the action – would love to know more about the characters who live in Oeska.’ — Vidhi age 15.
  • ‘Really enjoyed the theme. Nice idea. I read it in two sittings. I was tired on Sunday morning after a sleepover but the book woke me up with the excitement of the ending.’ — Thomas age 12.
  • ‘Didn’t put it down. A page-turner. I could really see it like a film.’ — Sam age 11.
  • ‘Read it in three days. Found it very interesting. A very good,easy read. If there are future books I’d like to know how his dad got into that situation and to see more of the connection between their world and ours and its history.’ — Andrew age 14



Recent guest posts by I Rosenfeld..


To visit my blog for the creatively shy who want to change,

Creativity and Us      click here

for  details..

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